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Mint is one of India's premium business news publications - 76% of Mint readers do not read another business paper, making Mint a critical reach vehicle for the top end audience. Mint is the clear No.2 among business papers in terms of readership.

Representative of an integrated newsroom, www.livemint.com is Mint’s online portal and is among the fastest growing news website in India. Livemint provides daily national, international and business news, tracks market movements and detailed coverage of significant events. The site has evolved multimedia features like videos, podcasts and slideshows.

Mint comes out with a premium weekend magazine Lounge that focuses on the lifestyle, passions and other related interests of readers. Lounge is known to avoid run on the mill stories and is immensely popular.

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Letters, Feedback and queries to the editor Letters for publication should be sent to: [email protected]

Complaints about specific editorial content It is the policy of both livemint.com and Mint to correct errors and handle complaints as soon as possible. We can be contacted as follows: [email protected]

Please note that complaints about advertising, marketing or reader offers are not covered by the readers' editors but should be addressed to the relevant departments.

You can contact us on twitter too. @livemint@mint_in@mint_lounge are official twitter handles of Mint.

Advertising on the HT Media Group Websites

For media partnerships, associations, advertising and alliances, please contact:

Bhavna B Darira : [email protected]

Rajeev Marwaha : [email protected]

Revenue Head: Prabhakar Singh : [email protected]

North: Dilpreet Kaur Banerjee : [email protected]

South: Zubin Jacob Verghese : [email protected]

West: Prasad Ranadive : [email protected]

News Licensing

If you wish to use or re-use livemint.com or Mint article, please contact:

Prabhakar Singh :  [email protected]

Rajesh Sharma :  [email protected]


For any delivery related issues, email us at [email protected]

Contact: Between 9:00 am - 8:00 pm , Mondays -- Saturdays, except national holidays.

Delhi: 011 - 60004242

Mumbai: 022-60004242

Bengaluru: 080 - 60004242

Kolkata: 033 - 60004242

Chennai: 044 - 60004242

Ahmedabad: 079 - 60004242

You can also subscribe to the paper by messaging 'NEWMINT' to 54242 OR give a missed call to 80100 68888.

MintAsia Subscription & Advertising

For advertising opportunities in MintAsia please contact:

Eva Singh : [email protected] 
HP: +65 9108 2343

Customer Service

If you have problems using the site or general questions about livemint.com network, contact our Customer Services Officer directly at: [email protected]


If you have problems using the site or general questions about livemint.com network, contact our Customer Services Officer directly at: [email protected]

Delhi Office
HT Media Ltd 
1st Floor, 18-20 Kasturba Gandhi Marg, 
New Delhi 110001 
Ph: 011 – 66561234

Gurgaon Office
Firefly e-Ventures Ltd 
Park Centra, 11th Floor, Sector-30, Opp 32 Milestone, 
Gurgaon, HR-122001 
Ph: 0124 - 3954700

Mumbai Office
HT Media Ltd 
9th Floor, Tower 3, 
Indiabulls Finance Centre, 
Senapati Bapat Marg, 
Elphinstone Road(W) 
Mumbai- 400013
Ph: 022- 66134000/4001

Bengaluru Office
HT Media Ltd 
309, 3rd Floor, Brigade Gardens, Church Street, 
Bengaluru - 560 001 
Ph: 080 - 41573050

Singapore Office
HT Media Ltd 
583 Orchard Road, 
#09-01 Forum 
Singapore 238884